Knowledge Center

Curious to know more about different technologies and digital tools that help support the planning profession? Tune into one of our hosted webinars that incorporate cross-cutting issues relevant to planners.

Generative AI Strategies

Understand generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how municipal planning departments can utilize language models to enhance staff capacity.

Generative AI Webcast

Unlocking Civic Data: Shaping Future Cities through Information

Explore the transformative potential of data-driven urban planning and advancing technological best practices.

Civic Data Webcast

Github for Planners

The importance of software and data in planning have taken a new meaning as cities look to do everything from leveraging AI to managing their curbs. Find out how GitHub can help.

GitHub Planning Webcast

Climate Data Power Hour

Climate data & technology vendor panel to introduce urban planners to data and tools to help communities reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and respond to climate impacts

Climate Data Power Hour Webcast

Building a National Zoning Atlas: Scaling Transparency & Consistency

Understand the National Zoning Atlas, led by Cornell University’s Legal Constructs Lab, a database that helps planners better understand these sometimes-opaque but incredibly influential codes by depicting their key attributes in an online, user-friendly map spanning multiple jurisdictions.

Building a National Zoning Atlas Webcast

Zoning Rules as Code

Planners have an important role to play to ensure that coded rules match intended planning outcomes and that transparency and human accountability is maintained in the implementation of any automated assessment processes. Learn about the topic of drafting planning rules as computer code, using international case studies to explore real-life projects undertaken in New Zealand, Australia and the UK.

Zoning Rules as Code Webcast

Digital Public Participation

Learn about the success story from a neighborhood in Bogota, Columbia and the planners that leveraged the open-source tool, Streetmix, for public engagement and participation with over 7,000 people.​

Digital Public Participation Webcast

Digitial Planning in a Digital World

This webcast features planning stories where cities have worked to make their backend (permitting, plan review) and frontend (comprehensive plans, maps) more accessible, engaging, and transparent through digitalization.

Digital Planning Webcast

Understanding Rural Broadband Technology Options

Access to Smart City technologies and applications that high-speed broadband enables has become one of the most critical factors for our communities, urban and rural.

Rural Broadband Webcast

Social Media for Planners

Understand more about what open government and social media means for urban planners in this on-demand Webinar presented at the 2011 Divisions Council Business Meeting in Washington DC.

Social Media for Planners Webinar