Current Roster

Chair: David Wasserman

David Wasserman leads Alta Planning + Design’s Civic Analytics team. He works at the intersection of urban informatics, 3-D visualization, geospatial analytics, and visual storytelling. He has authored multiple articles surrounding civic data science and AI with APA including PAS Memo 111 on Artificial Intelligence & Planning Practice and the Art of Learning by Example. Find out more:

Vice Chair: Lian Plass

Lian Plass is a senior manager of urban resilience at the Urban Land Institute where she serves as lead author on reports concerning real estate and resilience and facilitates center programming including the annual Resilience Summit and biannual Coastal Forum.  Lian also serves as an adjunct professor at Georgetown University where she teaches an introductory GIS course at the CALL center in addition to serving as a capstone advisor for the Urban and Regional Planning program. Learn more about ULI’s Urban Resilience Program here:

Secretary: Sarah Bassett

Sarah Bassett is a Professor of Practice and co-director of the Resilient Visions Colab at Arizona State University and is the Director of Urbanism at the collective, Peoples Culture. Her planning work is focused on how we collectively plan for uncertainty, with a focus on climate hazards and technological determinism using place-based practices, spatial computing, and policy advocacy. Sarah has served in regional and practice area leadership roles at large planning firms in the US East and Southeast working in partnership with states, cities, and communities on community resilience, hazard mitigation, and post-disaster recovery projects.

Treasurer: Andrew Buck

Andrew has over 10 years of experience working in the field of planning, analytics, and design. His practice focuses on leveraging the convergence of technology and planning towards tackling complex problems such as accelerating impact of climate change on communities and infrastructure, building more sustainable approaches towards development, and helping clients adapt and thrive in the face of uncertainty through making better decisions based on better information. Andrew provides a wide variety of planning and technological services to numerous private and public clients.